Schmucke Witwe, Bispingen

Schmucke Witwe

Guest house with café and store in Bispingen

The Beautiful Widow
Guest house in Bispingen

Original reconstruction of a historical half-timbered house in the Lüneburger Heide.
In the interior design, q:arc makes a humorous reinterpretation between simple modernity and rustic coziness. The 8 suites on the upper floor were designed using thematic quotations and poems from regional history of lüneburg heathland. Work phases 1-5 and 8.

New construction / interior Concept
GFA 560 m²
1 Mio €
Time Period
2013 - 2015

Each room
a poem

All birches grren

All birches green in moor and heath,
Every brahmbush shines like gold,
All the heather larks are droning with merriment,

Every black grouse rolls and romps
My eyes, they go back and forth
On the black, white-fluffy moor,
On the brown, green-foaming heather sea
And float up to the sky.

Towards the blue sky, where a little cloud moves
Like a cotton-grass flake so light,
And my heart, it sings its soft song,
That soars up to the sky.

A soft song, a quiet song
A song so fine and mild,
Like a little cloud that moves across the blueness,
Like a flake of cotton grass in the wind.

All birch branches

All birch twigs wave
Merrily now their May green,
And in full yellow umbels
All the primroses bloom.

Sing the song of golden flowers,
Sing the song of young green.
Sing the song of our love
And of our hearts' bloom.

Our song that I found,
Our song that sounded within me,
When the sun of your love
Conquered my cold heart.



Original manuscript from the 19th century becomes art:
On the wall in the foyer, the story of the former parish widow's house begins with an excerpt from the deed of sale in the old German handwriting (Sütterlin).

"According to the royal regulation of 1887, the parish widow's house in Bispingen, with the permission..."

The story of the house is then further told with historical photographs, found objects and the visualization of Hermann Löns' poems with graphic elements by a local painter.



Fotos: bildhübsche fotografie - Andreas Körner -

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