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Culture bakery

Mobile exhibition elements and lighting concept

Mobile exhibition and lighting concept


Seven pieces of cake on wheels and endless possibilities - that is the basic idea of the exhibition concept. The mobile wall elements stand on castors and are equipped with a circumferential gallery rail at the top, from which pictures can be suspended. This means that every art exhibition can be individually implemented as desired and the desired dramaturgy can be spatially staged.


Interior concept development
375 m²
100.000 €
Time Period
2013 - 2014

pieces of
for Art

Clear zoning or labyrinthine sequences of rooms: anything can be implemented within the open floor plan. The angled sections of the almost three-meter-high cake pieces allow for perspective distortions and a variety of visual relationships between the art objects. And if there is no exhibition, the mobile exhibition walls can be pushed together to form neutral boxes.

Also Elvis celebrates the new exhibition concept


new light
  new sight

The linear structures of columns and beams characterize the interiors. Inspired by this, delicate, dimmable linear luminaires were combined to form orthogonal fields that enter into dialogue with the visible supporting structure of the building - and either take up and continue the given order or deliberately break it up.

The hall on the upper floor gets rectangular partition walls that can be used on all sides

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