Ilmenaugarten, Lüneburg

Ilmenaugarten WA1

Living by the water

New construction of city villas, townhouses,
and a medical center on a shared underground parking garage.

The six cubic buildings are lined up along the Ilmenau like a string of pearls. Townhouses between the individual townhouses serve as a link between the three-storey buildings and strengthen the structure and rhythm of the residential quarter.
The almost 70 residential units are oriented towards the Ilmenau River, with views either towards the city, overlooking the water or towards the dense riverbank vegetation. A medical center with café and penthouse directly on the waterfront serves as the head building.

Residential construction
GFA 17.000 m²
LP 1-4
Time period
2014 - 2018

In a

The five city villas rest sublimely on their green embankment. In a sculptural gesture, the enclosures of the balconies and loggias frame the view towards the riverbank and the city center, and with it the silhouettes of St. Johannis and the water tower.
The cubatures of the solitaires are designed in such a way that privacy is maintained despite the density of the buildings.
Stairs lead down to the adjacent footpath and cycle path, which runs along the Ilmenau and connects nature with the city center.

A neighborhood with many different faces: featuring a variety of apartment types and sizes for all kind of ages

  in Form

Based on the same basic concept, the individual buildings vary and emphasize the diversity in the neighborhood. Sometimes more modern, sometimes more traditional: and whether penthouse, maisonette, two- or five-room apartments, barrier-free or wheelchair accessible – there is something here for everyone.

All in all, the result is a colorful, well-balanced mixture with many different types of housing and apartment sizes for as much variety as possible in the residential area.


Large-format lift-and-slide doors enable terraces to be integrated into the living space, transforming them into an extension of the living area and expanding the living environment.

at home...

... where you are greeted by rustling treetops on the banks of the Ilmenau River as soon as you open the door to your apartment, where large panorama windows let your eyes wander into the greenery.
Where you have your peace and quiet, where you like to make yourself comfortable outside - and all this in the middle of the city, where the pedestrian zone, local amenities and train station are within five minutes' walking distance.


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