Water Square, Lüneburg

Water Square Lueneburg

Public Space in Ilmenau Garden

Concept development of the Water Square Lueneburg

During the design work for the adjacent multi-story residential buildings, the conceptual design of the water square in the Ilmenaugarten was developed. Half of the square covers an underground car park, which results in a height offset of about three meters. This was taken as an opportunity to staircase the square with seating steps towards the Ilmenau and arrange it with green spaces. Bruun & Möllers landscape architects accompanied the concept development and transferred it into the further planning.

Open space development
1.900 m²
500.000 €
Time Period
2015 - 2018


The water square resembles a terrace in public space, whose seating steps begin to shear up within their rectangular frame and flow into a landscape composition of green clods, from which field maples grow in sculptural gesture.
Overlooking the Ilmenau River, the water square provides a stage for the public and invites them to linger. A predetermined breaking point within this strong structure is the barrier-free ramp, which forms a caesura and at the same time creates new connections.

The water square at the intersection of pedestrian and bicycle paths creates a variety of connections and becomes a link between the city center and the residential quarter


The water square combines surrounding activities and invites people to linger with its lawn landscape. The urban integration of living, culture and nature is strengthened by short paths, targeted integration into the surroundings and visual relationships between churches and the water tower. Barriers due to elevated projections are removed and missing connections from public to private space are created.


The new plaza in Ilmenau Garden terraces down to the water and adopts the design language of the natural space along the Ilmenau riverbank.

Fotos: bildhübsche fotografie - Andreas Körner - www.bildhuebsche-fotografie.de

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