Urban living, Köpenick

Urban living in Köpenick

Subsidized housing in Berlin

New construction of a residential complex with 4 apartment buildings
in Berlin's district Köpenick

The design by tafkaoo architects envisaged four buildings on an underground car park, grouped around a common courtyard. q:arc prepared the approval and implementation planning for this.
Open spaces were designed by capattistaubach landscape architects, and the general contractor was Willi Meyer Bauunternehmen.

Completed in 2018.

Residential construction
GFA 10.500 m²
10,8 Mio €
2016 - 2018

The roof
as a living space

Urban gardening connects: The roofs of the four buildings are places of encounter and communication. Here, people dig, plant and celebrate. Each party has its own raised bed and harvests what they sow. And thus contributes to a diverse and lively space for the community.

Courage for sharp contrasts: with rough, but also honest materials that testify to character and strength
It doesn't take much:
just a little petrol.

And suddenly, a conventional elevator becomes a refreshing splash of color in the stairwell. With a sculptural effect.


Green spaces open up, trees grow out of underground garages: the boundaries between architecture and open space blur and form a symbiotic entity. Spaces emerge that develop their own life.

Diversity in unity: grouped around the central courtyard, in the middle of which a tree shoots up from the underground car park.

Fotos: bildhübsche fotografie - Andreas Körner - www.bildhuebsche-fotografie.de

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