Conversion of a Barn Buildings, Lüneburg

Conversion of a Barn Building

Holiday Apartments in the Old Town of Lüneburg

Conversion of a historic stable building into two vacation apartments

The half-timbered building dates back to 1787 and was carefully renovated with a focus on heritage preservation aspects. The exterior stable character was preserved and enhanced by the outdoor facilities. The interior design combines historical elements with modern room qualities. Clay-cork insulation and solid wood ceilings enhance the homely atmosphere of the two new vacation apartments.

heritage-appropriate renovation
GFA 115 m²
240.000 €
2010 - 2011

to new life

The sensitive handling of the existing structures and the combination of historical elements with modern interior design give the rooms a special atmosphere. The new elements take a backseat to the old, allowing them to shine in renewed splendor and making historical details to become visible. Existing elements are lovingly integrated into the interior. As part of the heritage-appropriate renovation, natural building materials such as clay, cork, wood, or handmade clay were used.

of the

The new serves as a backdrop for uncovered and pre-existing elements, some of which become exhibit pieces.
Rustic Charm: Enjoying a Coffee in Front of the Restored Half-Timbered Wall


Gable view of the former stable building with St. Michael's Church in the background

Open for
new Ideas

Surprising insights are provided by the small air spaces between the floors, which create new visual relationships and allow both levels to communicate with each other.

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