Haus LQ, Berlin

Haus LQ

The transformation of a Bungalow

Conversion and extension of a single-family house

The one-story bungalow is transformed into a single-family house with a gable roof and flat-roof dormers in a contemporary design language. The addition of a storey in defined section creates a differentiated structure with harmonious proportions. The area that has not been raised is given a simple flat roof and becomes a roof terrace. A circumferential "seam" in the white plaster facade makes old and new subtly readable.

single-family house
GFA 230 m²
190.000 €
2017 - 2018


The flat-pitched hipped roof of the bungalow was removed and the new attic floor with jamb, gable roof and flat-roofed dormers was built in timber construction on top of the walls of the first floor. With the exception of the new entrée, the existing rooms, including their furnishings, were not to come to any harm: utmost care was required during the removal of the hipped roof, as well as during the construction of the new attic.


Hardly recognizable: The simple bungalow has been transformed into a modern single-family house with a differentiated language of materials and forms.
A single flight of wooden stairs now lead from the new entrance up to the attic


Take a look outside: With the floor-to-ceiling windows in the dormers of the added attic and a direct access to the new roof terrace.

Rich in
Space and Light

Enough space for the family and electric lights can now stay off: instead of small dark rooms, there is now a spacious and light atmosphere in the new home. Thanks to the flat-roof dormers with their floor-to-ceiling windows, the interior rooms are flooded with daylight. And if sometimes feel shut in, the new roof terrace offers a nice place outside


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