Community Center of the Evangelical Free Church, Hanover

Community Center
of the Evangelical Free Church

Church with Parish Office and Daycare Center in Hanover-Sahlkamp

Community center of the Evangelical Free Church in Hanover.

Extensive expansion and reconstruction of a church with parish office from the late sixties. The church hall is enlarged and expanded into a community center by the addition of a daycare center and a youth center. The spacious foyer and gallery areas serve as flexible meeting spaces for exhibitions and events.

Church and community building
GFA 1.400 m²
3,2 Mio €
Time Period
2016 - 2018

A blessing for the community

A space in the service of God - with a crucifix made of light

Emerging from a competition win by our colleague Ingrid Dannecker, this house was shaped and thought through in intensive collaboration with the community. The inviting and open architecture reflects the life and nature of the community. The house welcomes you in and invites you to linger. A place for everyone, for diversity, community and retreat. Simplicity and naturalness in material and color as well as transparency on the outside and inside create the atmosphere.

The foyer of the free church is crowned by a huge halo of light

Room to
romp around

Now it's getting colorful: in the integrated kindergarten the church mice take over and breathe pure joy into their rooms. Large windows flood the rooms with light and sun and extend them into the play landscape of the outdoor facilities. A friendly, understated architecture provides the optimal background for a colorful life.


Free church and KITA open to the outside and testify to a warm, pleasant atmosphere on the inside

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