Flowing Spaces, Interior Design, Berlin

Flowing Space

Reshaping a conventional flat floor plan

Design concept and space-creating extension for a 3-room apartment in Berlin

A flowing spatial continuum interacts in an exciting way with the rectangular floor plan geometry of an approx. 80 sqm apartment. Kitchen, sanitary areas and storage spaces are integrated into free forms in a space-saving and multifunctional way, so that the remaining spaces in between can be experienced as generous living areas.

Interior Design
80 m²
65.000 €
Time Period
2014 - 2015

in flow

Everything flows: with just a few lines, a conventional floor plan becomes a livable work of art. In one flowing motion, the bedroom and entrance area overflow into the kitchen and living area, which open onto the balcony towards the sunlight. The space-creating extension in organic forms is not an end in itself, but an elegant solution to the existing need for storage space.

Perfect in form: sweeping lines allow rooms and functions to merge and blend together
The spatial figure is continued on the ceiling with downlights and a lighting cove


into the day

Rise and shine, get into the shower: in the hyperbolic floor plan of the walk-in shower area, which embraces you with its shimmering mosaic tiles even in the early morning.


No space is left unused: even the smallest volume is used to create further space for storage and shelving.

Fotos: bildhübsche fotografie - Andreas Körner - www.bildhuebsche-fotografie.de

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