house in the greenery, Lüneburg

House in the greenery

Living by the meadow

Single family house in Lüneburg

Lots of light inside and wide views - that was the main desire of the builders of this single-family house. In a wonderful natural setting, the sculpturally shaped structure opens and widens to the south and west and closes to the northeast. The interior spaces flow into each other through rounded furniture walls and reinforce the bright and generous character. q:arc planned phases 1 to 8.

Residential construction
GFA 370 m²
Work Phases
LP 1-8
Time Period
2016 - 2018


Two set furniture bodies structure the open floor plan and guide the views. Living areas flow around organic shapes, and integrated sliding doors allow rooms to be added or separated. However, these two space artists can do much more than just look good: They conceal walk-in space for technology and everything else that disturbs the view, in addition to wardrobe, bench, niches and sideboards.

At home in nature: floor-to-ceiling windows and dissolved corners make the meadow part of the living area.
The white sculptural interior in dialogue with the green of the landscape.


A crafted nest: almost like sitting in treetops.

A place
in the greenery

On the former stadium grounds of Lüneburger Sportsclub building plots are now situated in a exposed location. Nestled between forest and floodplain, the new single-family house not far from the Ilmenau River exploits all the qualities of the site. Built on a dwelling mound, the building also plays with motifs and details from shipping and combines this with modern and exciting architecture.

Looks like a photo montage? But these are real rockets from last New Year's Eve

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