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assisted living for the elderly

Building a residential house with increased help offer on the SOS-Hof Bockum

New building for a residential project with care services for elderly residents

With this thoughtfully designed new building, the SOS-Hof Bockum, which is wonderfully integrated into the natural landscape, for the first time offers its residents an age-appropriate living space with an enhanced assistance. The large house integrates harmoniously into the village structure, interlinks with the existing buildings and leaves nothing to be desired in order to enjoy one's retirement in the countryside.

residential building
assisted living
1056 m²

Work phases
1 - 9

Time Period
2020 - 2023


For the client SOS Kinderdorf e.V., not only the residents but also the living spaces are of great importance. Both in the planning and in construction process, it’s a matter of making good and valuable decisions. Things should be lasting and timelessly beautiful. From clinker bricks, to timber-frame construction with a green roof, to solid wood parquet flooring and copper gutters - it's all about a long life and aging gracefully with a beautiful patina

Creation connection. The single-story intermediate building links houses 17 and 18. This is where people cook, eat and communicate with each other.

At its ends and turning points, the corridor widens into generous lounge areas. With floor-to-ceiling windows, it connects to the neighboring building, the adjacent stairwell, and the outdoor terraces. The honey-colored wooden floor conveys warmth and a solid foundation, oak handrails provide secure footing, and the colored doors in fresh petrol and light blue tones offer orientation and rhythm. This interplay of colors continues in the barrier-free bathrooms of the resident rooms.


Space-saving doors, grab bars and bumper guards provide protection and support


Residents reach the open multifunctional room via an elevator. Here, the day can be enjoyed in loving company and care - whether enjoying the view of nature from the window or listening to the birds on the roof terrace. Cooking together, playing or doing handicrafts - there are many possibilities. And everything that serves such as retreat rooms, archives and offices are connected in an optimal way. And whoever likes can be pampered in the care bath.

Every detail has been considered here - for perfect care

Photography: Thorsten Scherz Fotografie -

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