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Berlin Hyp | raum21

As part of its corporate development, the Investment Bank is opening up to the busy urban space with an innovative meeting space.
Mobile furniture modules and changeable room zones with separately switchable areas support the future-oriented attitude towards networked and agile working spaces. Lighting concept, interior design and structural implementation: q:arc. Space concept and furniture: The Dive.

Interior concept development
GFA 400 m²
200.000 €
Time Period
2016 - 2017

a different
kind of bank

The atmosphere at raum21 resembles that of a start-up: very Berlin-like, but different from what you would expect at a bank. Here you can even discuss a topic with the management over a cup of coffee. Surrounded by rolling furniture and concrete pillars that are psychedelically painted and from which mushrooms grow. Not only do the boundaries of customs become blurred, but also those between inside and outside, turning a visit to the bank into a pure trip.


separation vs open space

Almost everything is movable: rolling furniture allows for quick and flexible organization of the rooms and thus opens up a wide range of possible uses. Curtains serve as room dividers and make it possible to add individual areas as desired.


created with
love for detail

The reversible furniture contrasts with a building structure that has been reduced to its basic substance. Shuttering-rough concrete surfaces and open conduits are in dialogue with the warm tones of the wood and the playfully used design elements. There's a lot to discover here, and you're also welcome to amused sometimes.

Photography: bildhübsche fotografie - Andreas Körner -

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