Architektur | Design


We make architecture with passion
and conviction. We give our full attention to all
our full attention to all areas of design.

We design living spaces. For working, eating, sleeping, relaxing, playing,
celebrating. And spaces in between  ...  for lingering, meeting, remembering.
We create corporate design for companies, including interior and graphic design.

We accompany private investors, as well as public and communal property developers in
project development and management, with feasibility studies and reliable cost considerations.
We are at home in new construction, in existing buildings and
in the protection of historical monuments.

We experience architecture with all our senses...

... Some things we perceive consciously, many things only subconsciously. The temperature of colors, the refraction of light, the radiant heat of materials and much more. We feel material, its structure, texture, hardness and temperature, we listen to the sound of a room, we taste and smell, we feel the space and boundaries, we guide gazes and movements, we calm and make hearts beat faster. This is how we create unique atmospheres as a complex interplay - the whole is more than the sum of its parts.




We let our imagination
run free:
love the theater
sing in the choir
dance around the disco ball
climb high peaks
roam with dog and chicken in the garden
camp in the van
tame kites while flying
stand head while doing yoga
ride a bike in the rain
dive into the water
cook around the world
do shopping analog with touching
capture the moment...
...and from all of this
we create architecture


We are attentive listeners. We experience valuable creative exchanges and surprising twists in a conversational ping-pong. Talking is gold ... and we serve a coffee along with it.

we take respon­sibi­lity

We understand sustainability as an aesthetic strategy to build for the future! Building in the existing stock offers enormous potentials of grey energy through substance preservation, re-use and upcycling. In new construction, we combine ecological and economic qualities through regional, sustainable building materials and regenerative energy systems. Preservation instead of demolition! Less is more!

We love

We love

It is often the fine individual solutions for which our architects' hearts catch fire.


Light influences our thinking, feeling, acting. With light and shadow as immaterial building materials we design spaces and atmospheres . Material reveals itself only in the light. Life thrives only under the sun. Our head makes colors out of light and paints the world colorfully - we lead the brush with our design.

Whether small
  or large ...

Our fields of activity are manifold,
We design residential buildings and office buildings, work in urban contexts, design recreational spaces, outside as well as inside. We develop concepts for hotels, exhibitions, kindergardens, expand schools, convert former stable buildings into living space.

We build new or use the existing to create something new.

We work on all scales, from large projects with over 30,000 m² of floor space, to small 60 m² extensions, to furniture design.

We accompany you from the first idea, through the approval to the finished object.